Our History

  In 1978, the leadership of the Whistleville Christian Church were asked by the members of the congregation to have a daily school ministry for the purpose of educating their children in a Christian environment.   Not only did they want their children to study math, science, and history, they wanted them to study Christ's character and learn how to implement godliness into their lives.  For two years, the leadership prayed and prepared for such a ministry to begin. In the fall of 1980, the church-school was started. Since then, the church-school graduated numerous students. These graduates have attended various private colleges, Bible colleges, government colleges, and technical schools. Graduates are now serving in full-time Christian ministries and professional fields. 

  Barrow County Christian Academy is a integral ministry of the Whistleville Christian Church. The school belongs to Christ and His Church. The evangelist, elders, and deacons are ultimately responsible for the school.

Our Mission

The mission of Barrow County Christian Academy is to assist parents in developing their children into disciples of Jesus Christ, leading citizens, and world shapers. 

“Educating, evangelizing, and equipping young people to be the light of the World.”